Ocular Surgery

Eye Up CloseWe frequently co-manage patients who have been referred for surgical procedures elsewhere. This convenience allows our patients to maintain continuity of care while obtaining the best surgical results. We ensure your referral will be directed to the appropriate surgeon to best meet your needs. We have numerous sources available for your care.

We work closely with the surgeon to ensure the best surgery possible. We often follow our patients for several visits to monitor their eye concern. When it is time for surgery, we can set up the appointment and make sure you understand all the preliminary information. At the pre-surgery appointment the doctor will check your specific eye condition, as well as confirm your overall eye health. They will carefully explain the type of surgery you need and will schedule the surgery when you are ready. Nearly all ophthalmic surgeries do NOT require a hospital stay. Many of the laser treatments are done in a matter of minutes.

The surgeon will follow you for a few days or weeks after the surgery. When the surgeon is comfortable with your progress, he or she will return you to our office for the balance of your post-op care. This post-op care can be as short as one visit or may require several visits over a 2 – 3 month period. During this time we will monitor your eye to make sure you heal well. We will assist you with any concerns about your post-surgical medications. In some cases we may prescribe new glasses upon completion of this post-op period.